Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Recycled Battery Powered Lights

Ever since I bought my new noise cancelling headphones I've started going through AAA batteries like nobody's business. While recycling rechargeable batteries is now possible, thanks to the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), A non profit public service organization, recharging every day batteries (AA, AAA, etc.) is much more difficult. Recycling centers don't have a battery drop off bin and who has the time to investigate which special recycling centers accept batteries? It's so much easier to just toss them in the trash.

Enter the Energy Seed, a new concept design by Sungwoo Park and Sunhee Kim. Energy Seed is an outdoor LED light and a battery recycling bin, all in one. Pretty cool, huh? Powered by Alkaline batteries, this innovative design isn't on the market yet but could be soon. With a slot for nearly every size battery, simply drop your batteries into Energy Seed and it combines any left over power from all the batteries to light up an energy efficient LED ring. The downside is these bins will eventually fill up and someone would be responsible for recycling all those batteries - still, perhaps this would start a trend? Considering how many people just throw out their used batteries, I could see Energy Seed causing quite a stir. Lights out until next time! - Via Yanko Design

Energy Seed LED LightEnergy Seed LED LightEnergy Seed LED LightEnergy Seed LED LightEnergy Seed LED LightEnergy Seed LED Light

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