Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

YLighting Sale: Pablo Lighting by Pablo Pardo, 15% off

Pablo Lighting by Pablo Pardo is now on sale at YLighting, 15% off. Offering a distinctive timeless design and refined lighting solutions, Pablo Lighting by Pablo Pardo is all about interpreting light in its countless forms, exemplifying an uncompromising and genuine devotion to usefulness and simplicity. Matching some of the highest technical sensibilities with a wide range of materials in order to create precious and unique designs, Pablo Lighting can easily transform your environment. Let's take their Bel Occhio lamp for example - an ambient table lamp with a multi-position light, featuring a full range dimmer and a spherical acrylic shell that is cradled in its glass base thus allowing indefinite adjustments with a simple touch of your hand. You can have Bel Occhio pointing into a corner or at the wall or you can place it on your table, for ambient lighting. You can grab this discount right here. Free shipping included.


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