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Crystal Chandeliers and Other Home Lighting

Home lighting isn’t just about functionality. Lighting is another means of decoration and expression. Throughout your home, you will want different light fixtures to not only match the decor, but also meet your needs and create a mood for the room. Larger rooms will obviously need more fixtures and smaller areas, like the bathroom, aren’t going to need floor lamps. Consider how often the room is used, the size, and if natural lighting can compensate during the day.
There are three main types of lighting, general, task, and accent. General lighting is your main light source for the room. These are your floor lamps or your recessed and track lighting. Task lighting is focused on a specific area. A perfect example of task lighting is a light installed under a kitchen cabinet so you can see the counters better. Finally, accent lighting is used to subtly illuminate an area. You can often find this lighting around the landscape in your garden or on an end table in the living room.
The most common type of lighting found throughout a home is a lamp. There are floor lamps, table lamps, and desk lamps. Floor lamps are often used in the living room, bedrooms, den, and other large spaces. While floor lamps will provide an ample amount of lighting, matching table lamps will still be used in most of these rooms too. Like the name implies, a desk lamp is a much smaller table lamp to fit on your desk. It will provide you with just the right amount of light without being too bright or dim.
Crystal chandeliers are popular lighting fixtures found in foyers and dining rooms, although they can really be placed in any room you wish. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and have more than one arm or branch. They are hard-wired into the electrical system so it’s not as easy as simply plugging in a cord. Although most people view crystal chandeliers as very formal and elegant, there are several types of styles to choose from and they can fit in with any decor, whether you want an antique chandelier or a modern one. You can even find kids chandeliers for their bedrooms.
Next we have sconces. Sconces can either be plugged in or hard-wired to the electrical system. They are mounted on the wall and provide accent lighting rather than general lighting because of their smaller size. Finally we have track lighting and recessed lighting. Track lighting has several lights all mounted on a single track, which is then installed into the ceiling. Track lighting is perfect for spots where there is no room for a floor lamp or other fixtures to fit. Recessed lighting is embedded into the ceiling, no wires or lamp shades necessary! It won’t be overwhelmingly bright and it’s often used in kitchens and living rooms.
Whether you need a crystal chandelier or a floor lamp, remember to consider form and function, then decide which type of fixture is right for the room.

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