Kamis, 29 Desember 2011


f you like the idea of furnishings made from reclaimed materials, you may dig these mason jar lamps.
They are the work of Etsy sellers who go by “Boots & Gus” (their shop is named after the cats!) and specialize in originally designed, up-cycled lighting fixtures. They do indoor and outdoor pieces based on mason jars.
The first picture shows their “Beach Breezes Blue and Clear- Cascading Carousel Ball Mason Jar Waterfall Hanging Chandelier Light.” That name is a mouthful, but it looks pretty snazzy so we’ll forgive them. “This staggered swag style chandelier would fit nicely in any room indoor or out. Ready to hang by hooks and plug into any outlet this light can be set above the table or in the corner. A great conversation piece.” $185.
The outdoor lamps in the second picture are solar powered and suitable for pathway, driveway, or deck illumination. $65 gets you a three-light set.

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