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Transform Your Yard With Garden Lights

There is no place like home it is often said. Home is supposed to be our rest from a long day at work, our sanctuary from the rat race of life. But life has gotten so busy its hard to have time to even enjoy our homes. On top of this all we still have to maintain our homes, pull the weeds, mow the lawn, water the garden, rake the leaves, the list goes on an on. If we could only suck a few more hours of daylight out of the sun we might be able to get a few things done at our homes as well. Well I hate to inform you that its probably not going to change anytime soon. But I think I found a solution, Garden Lights!. Yep backyard lighting. Best thing about it is you can mow your lawn at midnight, and drive your cranky old neighbors crazy while your at it.Lights
Garden Lights not only shine light on the subject, they also surround your yard in a wonderful glow, giving your home a warm and pleasant feel. There are many types of garden lighting available today world. The following information will get you started on the right track to choosing the lighting that is right for your home.

Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor Lanterns create a unique feel for your yard. Lanterns are outdoor hanging light fixtures that are generally gas powered. This is an inexpensive solution that creates warm, soft, festive glow to your garden. The downside is that you have to fill the lanterns with fuel to keep them running.
Solar Garden Lights
This is by far the easiest lighting to install. They do not require external power and running wires throughout your yard. Solar lights contain small solar panels and  charge during the sunlight hours and when the sun goes down they switch themselves on. This type of lighting can be placed in any area that is exposed to the sun. Solar garden lights is very economical and our a good solution for your yard. If you do choose this type of lighting make sure you do your research online as there are many varietys and some are definitely better than others.
Outdoor Garden Lights
This is the most versatile type of lighting on the market today. Outdoor garden lights are more costly than other lighting, and usually require more work to install, but the benefits of this type of lighting definitely outweigh the negatives. You can use this type of lighting to enhance the look of your yard,  by focusing light in different directions. For instance if you have an old oak tree you would like to make the center feature of your yard, you can shine the light upward showing off its magnificent branches. Or you can shine the lighting downward enhancing the look of your flower beds. Outdoor  garden light solution consist of spotlights, low voltage garden lights, different colored lights, and can be programed and  placed on timers as well. Overall this is a great solution and if installed correctly can turn your yard into a work of art.
Decorative Garden Lighting
This type of  lighting is typically referred to as rope lighting. If you are looking for an easy way to dress up last minute party at your place, decorative garden lighting is not a bad way to go. Rope lighting is a wire train of LED lights that are inserted into a plastic sheath to protect the lights from the elements. This type of  lighting comes in various lengths and can be connected to each other to form a longer run. Next time your spouse springs a last minute party on you, save the day with rope lighting.
Deck Lighting
If your house is equipped with a deck, you can install deck lighting to enhance the look of your yard and deck. There are a abundance of low voltage light systems for your deck. From post cap lights to low voltage inset lights you can enhance the beauty and safety of your deck. Deck lighting will make your deck the main attraction and give your yard the face lift it deserves.

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