Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

3M Launches Two New Sustainable Lighting Products

3M Flexible Light Mat3M introduced new cutting-edge lighting solutions. The brilliant, environmentally sustainable LED lighting offers versatility, customization and cost savings. The new 3M lighting products can be used in concert with 3M's flexible substrates, translucent graphics films, inks and graphic protection for backlit sign solutions with maximum design versatility.

The two new lighting products meet a variety of interior and exterior signage needs, and are currently available in two formats: 3M LED High-Efficiency Lighting Panel (HELP) for direct insertion into a sign cabinet, available in a variety of sizes; and 3M Flexible Light Mat for all of your signage needs, including the most hard-to-light shapes and sizes.

3M LED HELP and 3M Flexible Light Mat are light source solutions that enable the creation of a greater variety of lighted signs that are easy to use and energy efficient, providing equivalent or superior brightness and lighting uniformity when compared to many other LED lighting options.

Proprietary 3M technologies enable thin profile signs while maintaining uniform distribution of bright LED light that helps keep back-lit signs looking their best for optimum memory imprint while minimizing environmental impact. In addition, the 3M Flexible Light Mat also offers the ability to light the most unique shapes, evenly.

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