Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Beautiful Outdoor Lamps with Feminine Design

Live Anywhere is a beautiful outdoor lights with a touch of femininity, designed by Linda Allen. With many years of experience as an interior designer, then created the work of an outside light, good to be placed anywhere. Called Live Anywhere, because designers want to create a lamp that can be used anywhere. The LED bulb uses 7 watts, with wireless and rechargeable. in addition to having a beautiful design, the open fires are also waterproof, so it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Linda Allen gave a good choices for consumers, offering a lamp that is waterproof and are made without a rope to be placed wherever the consumer wants. The lamp is made without using a cable, is an interesting novelty, it will be beautiful, no lights, there are cables that interfere with its beauty. Collection of Live Anywhere, may be a better choice if you want a lamp that not only portable, but also capable of filling and multi-environment.

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