Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

The Effects Of Outdoor Garden Lights

The addition of  outdoor garden lights to the garden or landscape can make the space more beautiful and allow it to be enjoyed long after the sun sets. Some of the more popular ways to use garden lights include:
Up lighting which lights up trees, statues, walks or other desired structure. An up light shines upward onto the object to be highlighted.
Down lighting mimics the effects of natural illumination. When down lighting is employed a fixture is installed above an area and the light shines downward. Down lighting mounted far above the ground gives the illusion of a bright moon lighting the way.
Garden spot lights are most often used to single out and highlight a specific tree, architectural feature, fountain or statue. These garden lights are aimed directly at the object making it very visible in the dark yard.
Flood lights help create shadows and silhouettes to add visual interest in the garden or landscape that’s not present during the day.
Accent lights are small garden lights usually placed near the ground that provide a subtle illumination. Accent lights can be used throughout the landscape to enhance the beauty of the space in the evening hours. Some decorative styles of accent lights can also add a bit of shimmer to the garden during the day as the sun causes them to sparkle.
Spread lighting is a technique that uses broad beams to illuminate larger flower beds, expanses of lawn, borders, and even lines of decorative shrubs. This type of lighting adds a lot to the night-time curb appeal of a home and allows home owners to enjoy more of their landscapes and gardens after dark.
The wide variety of  garden lighting types allows for a great deal of creativity in enhancing the landscape. However, it can also be a challenge to select and place garden lights for optimal effect. When deciding upon a lighting scheme, it’s important to define the ultimate goal of adding garden lights. For example, if the intent is to add ambiance, a few decorative and well-placed lights are all that’s needed. On the other hand, if garden lights are being employed to enhance safety and security, they should be well placed and bright enough to provide proper illumination.
Once the goals of adding outdoor garden lights are understood, it will be much easier to determine how many lights are needed, what kind of lights to purchase, and where they should be installed. For the best results take the time to carefully consider each of the above variables before adding any garden lights.

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