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Sophisticated Light Fixtures Design by Lzf Lamps – Commercial Interior Design News

Creative Lighting Design Lzf Lamps
Lzf lamps started as a small company making creative lights practically in their garage. The company was founded at the end of 1994 and ever since it has grown to a well known brand.
Creative Lighting Design by Lzf Lamps
All lights are handmade exclusively out of wood veneer right from the start.
Creative Lighting Design by Lzf Lamps
The unusual material for lamps creates spectacular lighting effects!
Creative Lighting Design by Lzf Lamps
The lights can be hung outdoor and are perfect for large parties in your yard.
Creative Lighting Design by Lzf Lamps
Take a look at this magical back yard picnic setting. What a great way to spend an evening!
Creative Lighting Design by Lzf Lamps

Egg Light – Creative lighting at its best!

Ukrainian designer, Igor Pinigin, has made some creative inroads with his new concept light called the "Egg Light". Packaged in a carton, it illuminates your room without the risk of cracking egg shells. Had it not been a concept, I’d have been the first person to run for this.
eggslight1 KB2Nr 6648
eggslight1 KB2Nr 6648
eggslight2 gRaQC 6648
eggslight2 gRaQC 6648
eggslight3 ExCkx 6648
eggslight3 ExCkx 6648
eggslight4 aeErn 6648

Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae

Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae
Creative lighting concept by Wonsik Chae imitates the form of a tea bag.

Consisting of a cup filled with a chemical intermediate and a bag containing fluorescent molecules, the light works through a catalyst of this chemical reaction.
Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae 2
Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae 3
Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae 4
Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae 5

Modern Exclusive LED Light Cocktail Tables Different Effects

Exclusive LED Light Cocktail Tables Detail
This is very special; Light Energy Studio offers really cool furniture to arrange space for cocktails and coffee in your home. Cocktail table they come with a variety of LED lamps and different lighting effects. Perfect for a table in the living room, you can feel the glitter of lights while enjoying a cup of coffee without having to club other than that this table is also useful for quiet time with your loved ones with a drink. All cocktail table that offers the company looks very exclusive and unique. Effect of light they provide can be controlled through a controller that comes with every table. One of these tables can easily change the look around every room, especially when dark in there.
Iilluminated Exclusive LED  Cocktail Tables
Infinity LED light Cocktail Table
Rotating White Halogens Cocktail Table

“VEGETABLE SKIN” Collection – the new frontier in lighting and furniture complement

creative lighting design
Moradei, shares in this research, he studied the shapes best suited to the dynamism of the plots, obtained with the collage. The light, its reflections filtered and processed as it passes through the different textures. The choice of the paper plant more suited to the model lamp or complement to the decor to be realized. The analysis of the design, its structure and its aesthetic, not to mention the ever aspect of contextualization in the surrounding space, with which objects must be able to communicate
wall lighting interior
Moradei: “They always have special projects for the dissemination of Italian agricultural products: this year bring tasting dip for the occasion and we will set up panels of carrots for the space. Also put the lamps of various woods always linked to their products. ”
wall lamps design
Food and design, the binomial infallible, that through the idea, developed in collaboration between Vega’s Altremani Architect Alessandro Donati Moradei, merges into a single paradigm: a hundred variations of design “through ” the plant. Skin! Skin, the boundary of our self. body. The osmotic trench that marks the beginning and the end of identity. Sensory tissue and dynamic place “imaginary” and passage of cognitive and emotional experiences. Vegetable: that which pertains to the plant world. Silent and colorful life. Photosynthesis. Trying to draw a semantic thread is inevitable not to notice as skin-osmosis-plant photosynthesis lead to the same premise: light.
unique creative lamps
The lines hanging from the ceiling, retro, almost Jugendstijl, the selection of variations on the theme of the square shapes in the ’70s, the development of poetry from the lantern of triangular cuts, charming appeal the Middle East.
For category furnishings, interesting achievements of frames, floor booths, and accessories such as the centerpieces. Vegetable Skin born! The choice of an object in the collection opens up interesting scenarios, and for the customization of the house, and the realization of innovative interior design solutions for living, for temporary Inszenierungen, related to catering. There is for example, after exposure to 2011 Vintage Selection, preparation made ​​from Vegetable Skin for the event “Taste n.6, traveling with the taste” in the space of Ex-Stazione Leopolda, dedicated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
table lamps interior designs
The sensitivity of Vega for listening and teaching, the ability to test first hand the quality of results obtained in Altremani products, gained through experience and curiosity, the craftsmanship to detail, have been crucial to arrive at conclusion that there is no better way of “re-cycling, ” as social rehabilitation, that achieved thanks to the tenacity and creativity. Takes me stand out in the laboratory where the old paper and then presses the workshop shows me a bath, “See, this stretch of tufts of grass comes from the Trentino Alto Adige, is first class, was to serve as an SPA for the purpose of care and relax. ” Walking through the many trials and co-workers, busy selecting the raw material, we come to the area where new ideas are tested. I am fascinated by a basket of purple beetroots by the grain of wood. Vega was born on the endless search for combinations of plants, sections of vegetables and tubers, fruit slices, the careful observation of their color rendering and design, often already laid down by their internal structure. Then the procedures for collecting the material, always second best, for the shredder, the study of drying procedures to ensure quality and durability.Once you make your choice of fruit or vegetable, the protagonist, begins the delicate process of cutting and collage through the adhesive resin synthesis plant. The whole is then pressed to give rise to interesting paper of different thicknesses and colors, ready to use them.
lighting interior
The intuition of Vega and Alessandro is outlined on the delicate and refined in terms of testing the light design, which is influential in Italy earlier. The idea, apparently simple, Vegetable Skin design of the form associated with the use of innovative materials such as plant leaves. The development of the project can not ‘to open the two requirements of design and serial production is not, in the light-reflection-man space.
lighting photos
This can not ‘be the result of a project driven by passion and dedication.
Next stop Miami or New York? Alex Vega and we do not hide their enthusiasm to make known the real Made in Italy and abroad, hoping that one day you look in Italy Italian products with the same look of satisfaction, with which you look at ideas from other countries . Matrix dream, sustainability, marked by the stamp of a unique and special design live: Vegetable Skin.
lighting and furniture design
Florence, in the Atelier Altremani, sitting comfortably in a chair-office, covered with grass of Trentino, Vega plays retrace the steps of the genesis of the project. She explains that Altremani is a young company, based on paper and that is based on strong pillars of the concept of “recovery. ” On the one hand, understood as the production of handmade accessories, stationery and furniture, made ​​through the recycling of waste material of industrial and agricultural sector. The other in the most complex social recovery, as a place of re-skilling and re-integration of disadvantaged people by the hand mental and / or motor, in the working world, as with extreme delicacy would emphasize Barbara Grassi, sales manager.

Original “Rocky” Lighting From Brenda Houston:

Tired of old fashioned lighting and common lamps? Brenda Houston came up with these unusual “rocky” design meant to brake the pattern of sober and dull lighting. The “recipe” could not be easier to follow: take a normal lamp and a add an eccentric rock at the bottom. We don’t know about you guys, but these crazy designs really got to us. We think they would go great in an original and modern interior, with simple but creative arrangements. Most of the items come in black and white. The difference is made by the colorful rock and as you can see, there are plenty of colors to chose from.  You can find out more about these products by visiting the designer’s web page- just in case we stirred up your interest.

hneycomb lamp 70 Original Rocky Lighting From Brenda Houston
hneycomb lamp Original Rocky Lighting From Brenda Houston
hneycomb lamp 700 Original Rocky Lighting From Brenda Houston

Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

Ordained with LED lights and a simple, distinctive form the Sognibelli lamp stand design by GUMDESIGN was revealed at the Milan Design festival this past week to a lot of interest.  It serves all the same functions of a night stand with a lamp while naturally being slicker and leaner than buying a rickety wooden nightstand with a tacky candlestick faux-gothic lamp covered in velvet from the 1970s.  Clearly, we are living in a modern time, my friends.

sognibelli gumdesign Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

GumDesign has previewed this interesting hanging light concept that would be particularly ideal as an interesting dining room accent, a sleek addition to your home office or possibly a mood-setter hanging in the foyer of your home.

gumdesign2 Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

Thirdly, these freestanding lighting concepts are both playful and streamlined… Ideally placed in the living room and a particularly good idea for those who enjoy entertaining guests and getting complimented on your style.  And really, who doesn’t enjoy that?

gumdesign3 Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

Lastly, this onion-shaped standing light would be an ideal addition for a space that required creative accent lighting while retaining a simple, quiet atmosphere.  The use of thin lines and smooth curves allows for a simplicity in its design that complements more natural, contemporary spaces. – via

gumdesign4 Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

Latest Coolest gadgets – CTRL And Shift Key Desk Lamps – New high technology gadgets – Electronic gadgets

If you are searching for CTRL And Shift Key Desk Lamps review or features we get them here for you to watch. We only collect the high-level quality CTRL And Shift Key Desk Lamps pics, features or reviews for Sclick’s users to use. staff and users continually supply new high tech or electronic gadgets info.

Here is something fun for your geeky apartment or office, the Ctrl and Shift key desk lamps.
These fun desk lamps are shaped like giant keyboard keys, and the light can be turned on and off by pressing the key.

best latest top new fun high technology coolest gadgets ctrl shift key lamp 1 Latest Coolest gadgets   CTRL And Shift Key Desk Lamps   New high technology gadgets   Electronic gadgets
best latest top new fun high technology coolest gadgets ctrl shift key lamp 2 Latest Coolest gadgets   CTRL And Shift Key Desk Lamps   New high technology gadgets   Electronic gadgets
best latest top new fun high technology coolest gadgets ctrl shift key lamp 3 Latest Coolest gadgets   CTRL And Shift Key Desk Lamps   New high technology gadgets   Electronic gadgets

Very cool, I like the idea, and they would look great on my desk, it would be cooler if they were sold in a set of three with Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys.
If you want one, they are available for $19.90 form Gadget4all and they come with a choice of white or yellow lights. is a gadgets review with pictures, graphics, photos, images, video recordings, something else. blog with visitors’ comments. The stuffs are uploaded by users or webmaster. All of the content on this blog (including figures, graphics, photos, images, video recordings, and such.) is covered under Canadian, US and international copyright and trademark laws. The information contained in this internet site is for general information purposes only. These pictures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and so on. have been collected from various public sources including various internet sites (blogs, etc.), considering to be in public domain. Certain other content, figures, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, etcetera. released on are protected by copyright and are the property of their respective owners. retains no rights to figures, graphics, photos, images, video recordings, something like that on this site. has no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the blog or the data. If you find any content, pics, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, and so on that you think shouldn’t be here, mail us a deletion message.

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Umbrella Lighting

place settings, table setting,wedding decor,reception ideas,flowers,wedding centerpieces
The amount of light that shines through umbrellas can provide for a perfectly dimmed event. We were inspired by other artists who have incorporated umbrellas into their designs.
Adam Parker Smith’s installation takes metal framed umbrellas and beautifully creates soft, glowing clouds.  We also love The Workshop Project’s red umbrella installation in Talca. Another great example of giving umbrellas a new artful purpose.
place settings, table setting,wedding decor,reception ideas,flowers,wedding centerpieces
(Image via)

Brilliant light in your house

Brilliant always won the heart of everybody with their perfect beauty riveting one’s eye with its unique deepness of faceting and game of fires. It is not surprising that it inspired many designers for creating their works. It especially became apparent in the designers’ lighting.

Brilliant is a symbol of luxury and wealth. Now the large brilliant playing on the light with all brinks becomes more accessible owing to the designer Eric Therner. He created uncommon polyhedral glow lamp which form of the bulb looks like the cutting of brilliant. This creative jewelry called by author “Diamond Lights” costs more than the common ones – about 30 Euro. However the lamp-brilliant costs this money: first of all this is a designer’s work, secondly it will win the hearts of lovers of everything uncommon with its originality, and thirdly the light of this lamp creates interesting game of light and shade spreading over the placement according to the refraction of rays about its brinks.

The perfect form of faceted brilliant inspired the Japanese designer Hiroki Takada for creating his masterpiece called “Diamond Light 2009”. If Marilyn Monroe were alive today, Hiroki Takada’s “Diamond Light” would be a must for her foyer. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then this light is a girl’s best home accessory. The mirrored disco ball rarely says anything but cheesy, and the Diamond Light is an inspired reinvention of the same idea. Both the hanging and the table variants of this lighting use new hi power 20W LED. The light uses mirrors to create a sophisticated glow. The princess cut “Diamond Light” is sure to please the most discerning jewelry enthusiast.

Huggable Lamps by Supernova

How do you think the lamp which costs $500 should look? Not like the pillow with form of sausage which is necessary to be blown up before using? Exactly such lightings the designers of Supernova company invented and they consider that they will be undoubtedly in great demand. Moreover these are not just lamps – you can and even must hug them. Not for nothing the project is called Huggable Lamps.
The blown up “sausage” for $500 will allow you not only hugging it very strongly. With Huggable Lamps you can fight, built towers and fences, lie and jump on them – and not damage them anyway. This is because they have the appropriate filling.
The lighting-pillow consists of luminous threads-strings which illuminate if the device is switched to the socket and go out in some time if it is deprived of source of lighting. The light which the Huggable Lamps gives cannot compete with main illumination but can give the evening the magic romantic mood and the placement – the coziness.
Available in six different colors (red, green, blue, yellow, white and purple) Huggable Lamps will give much positive to you and your guests every day.
Supernova produces a soft ambient glow that both calms and energizes a space. Sporting a clean minimal design, it’s perfect for events, exhibitions, the home or office. It works with simple pneumatic pressure, just inflate with air and plug it in. Powered by state of the art LED technology, available in super-bright white light, or in multi-color RGB with remote control, adding color and programmable light shows.

Wireless lamp “Nowire” by Spanish designers

Wireless gadgets are created for adoring. Sometimes they look so ideally and even seductive that you want to look at them without stop or even… to eat. For example, like these wireless lamps which look like big lighting choco pies.
Spanish designers Eduardo Tapiador, Lucia Mateo and Leticia Rodríguez from the designer agency Dicrein presented the world of wireless technologies another wonderful gadget called “Nowire”. These are wireless lamps create as the cookies in chocolate with vanilla filling.
Lamp “Nowire” was worked out especially like the part of platform Nude – platform for new designers for presenting their works for the public at the design week Valencia Disseny Week in Feria Valencia.
This really tasty gadget completely justifies its name – it is absolutely devoid of any cords and can work in any conditions being very transportable. The intensity varies by the instrumentality of clustering or dispersion of lightings. In the base of every lightning there is a special panel which allows fixing it to any smooth surface for more comfort. Recharging of endless accumulators of lamps is done using the panels Powermat, energetic resource used exceptionally induction method of recharging.
Valencia Disseny Week is organized by the Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region promoting design for 25 years. It will be running from 27 September to 2 October in parallel to the Feria Hábitat Valencia.

The Scheisse : Explodingn Light Bulb from Northern Lighting

The Scheisse exploding light bulb and Moo from Norway�s Northern Lighting has been launched. This project is a salute to the old incandescent bulb and the explosion designed expresses the present status of the classic bulb. This artistic design of an exploding bulb is kind of weird but cute. An the moo is a bit scary especially to the kids. I guess this piece of art works best for people who have strong personality and those with exemplary artistic minds. I personally not attractive with the exploding design. But if you come to look at it with depth you will notice its uniqueness and artistic design.
the scheisse exploding light bulb
the scheisse exploding light bulb from northern lighting
the scheisse exploding light bulb

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Glowbelly Steamboat Lamp by Tan Lun Cheak


Is it a bowl or a table lamp? Only designer Tan Lun Cheak knows...

Actually, this very pretty centrepiece serves as both. Created for the traditional Chinese New Year family reunion dinner, the Glowbelly lamp is a modern take on the traditional steamboat design. The lamp is made of pyro-ceramics, a special glass used for cookware, and can withstand extreme temperature changes. We still think it's too pretty to use for eating...

The Perelin Series by Markus J. Becker


The Perelin series consists of several 3-dimensional, self-supporting, stable objects that can decorate any part of your living space.


The lamps are very light, thin and flexible, almost like paper. The minimal yet flowing design was achieved using a special glossy electroluminescent glow sheet. 


These mood lamps are great for providing indirect light, whilst the contrast between the luminous and non-luminous surfaces creates a very striking effect.