Senin, 06 Februari 2012

Wireless lamp “Nowire” by Spanish designers

Wireless gadgets are created for adoring. Sometimes they look so ideally and even seductive that you want to look at them without stop or even… to eat. For example, like these wireless lamps which look like big lighting choco pies.
Spanish designers Eduardo Tapiador, Lucia Mateo and Leticia Rodríguez from the designer agency Dicrein presented the world of wireless technologies another wonderful gadget called “Nowire”. These are wireless lamps create as the cookies in chocolate with vanilla filling.
Lamp “Nowire” was worked out especially like the part of platform Nude – platform for new designers for presenting their works for the public at the design week Valencia Disseny Week in Feria Valencia.
This really tasty gadget completely justifies its name – it is absolutely devoid of any cords and can work in any conditions being very transportable. The intensity varies by the instrumentality of clustering or dispersion of lightings. In the base of every lightning there is a special panel which allows fixing it to any smooth surface for more comfort. Recharging of endless accumulators of lamps is done using the panels Powermat, energetic resource used exceptionally induction method of recharging.
Valencia Disseny Week is organized by the Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region promoting design for 25 years. It will be running from 27 September to 2 October in parallel to the Feria Hábitat Valencia.

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  1. Wow, isn't it good? it looks nice and best thing no more tension of wiring. It is also cost effective and keeping in mind success of it in spain I believe in coming days it will be available in more countries.