Senin, 06 Februari 2012

Brilliant light in your house

Brilliant always won the heart of everybody with their perfect beauty riveting one’s eye with its unique deepness of faceting and game of fires. It is not surprising that it inspired many designers for creating their works. It especially became apparent in the designers’ lighting.

Brilliant is a symbol of luxury and wealth. Now the large brilliant playing on the light with all brinks becomes more accessible owing to the designer Eric Therner. He created uncommon polyhedral glow lamp which form of the bulb looks like the cutting of brilliant. This creative jewelry called by author “Diamond Lights” costs more than the common ones – about 30 Euro. However the lamp-brilliant costs this money: first of all this is a designer’s work, secondly it will win the hearts of lovers of everything uncommon with its originality, and thirdly the light of this lamp creates interesting game of light and shade spreading over the placement according to the refraction of rays about its brinks.

The perfect form of faceted brilliant inspired the Japanese designer Hiroki Takada for creating his masterpiece called “Diamond Light 2009”. If Marilyn Monroe were alive today, Hiroki Takada’s “Diamond Light” would be a must for her foyer. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then this light is a girl’s best home accessory. The mirrored disco ball rarely says anything but cheesy, and the Diamond Light is an inspired reinvention of the same idea. Both the hanging and the table variants of this lighting use new hi power 20W LED. The light uses mirrors to create a sophisticated glow. The princess cut “Diamond Light” is sure to please the most discerning jewelry enthusiast.

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