Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

Ordained with LED lights and a simple, distinctive form the Sognibelli lamp stand design by GUMDESIGN was revealed at the Milan Design festival this past week to a lot of interest.  It serves all the same functions of a night stand with a lamp while naturally being slicker and leaner than buying a rickety wooden nightstand with a tacky candlestick faux-gothic lamp covered in velvet from the 1970s.  Clearly, we are living in a modern time, my friends.

sognibelli gumdesign Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

GumDesign has previewed this interesting hanging light concept that would be particularly ideal as an interesting dining room accent, a sleek addition to your home office or possibly a mood-setter hanging in the foyer of your home.

gumdesign2 Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

Thirdly, these freestanding lighting concepts are both playful and streamlined… Ideally placed in the living room and a particularly good idea for those who enjoy entertaining guests and getting complimented on your style.  And really, who doesn’t enjoy that?

gumdesign3 Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

Lastly, this onion-shaped standing light would be an ideal addition for a space that required creative accent lighting while retaining a simple, quiet atmosphere.  The use of thin lines and smooth curves allows for a simplicity in its design that complements more natural, contemporary spaces. – via

gumdesign4 Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

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  1. Good work with great pics! I like the last one the most. I am planning of using them in my room to give a peaceful look