Senin, 06 Februari 2012

Huggable Lamps by Supernova

How do you think the lamp which costs $500 should look? Not like the pillow with form of sausage which is necessary to be blown up before using? Exactly such lightings the designers of Supernova company invented and they consider that they will be undoubtedly in great demand. Moreover these are not just lamps – you can and even must hug them. Not for nothing the project is called Huggable Lamps.
The blown up “sausage” for $500 will allow you not only hugging it very strongly. With Huggable Lamps you can fight, built towers and fences, lie and jump on them – and not damage them anyway. This is because they have the appropriate filling.
The lighting-pillow consists of luminous threads-strings which illuminate if the device is switched to the socket and go out in some time if it is deprived of source of lighting. The light which the Huggable Lamps gives cannot compete with main illumination but can give the evening the magic romantic mood and the placement – the coziness.
Available in six different colors (red, green, blue, yellow, white and purple) Huggable Lamps will give much positive to you and your guests every day.
Supernova produces a soft ambient glow that both calms and energizes a space. Sporting a clean minimal design, it’s perfect for events, exhibitions, the home or office. It works with simple pneumatic pressure, just inflate with air and plug it in. Powered by state of the art LED technology, available in super-bright white light, or in multi-color RGB with remote control, adding color and programmable light shows.

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  1. These are beautiful range of lamps. They are ideal for the outdoor events, parties and office use. Their inflatable feature make it eays to store them.I shall buy them.

  2. beautiful lamps for parties and any outdoor event.its looking very nice,elegant and colorful.look attractive