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“VEGETABLE SKIN” Collection – the new frontier in lighting and furniture complement

creative lighting design
Moradei, shares in this research, he studied the shapes best suited to the dynamism of the plots, obtained with the collage. The light, its reflections filtered and processed as it passes through the different textures. The choice of the paper plant more suited to the model lamp or complement to the decor to be realized. The analysis of the design, its structure and its aesthetic, not to mention the ever aspect of contextualization in the surrounding space, with which objects must be able to communicate
wall lighting interior
Moradei: “They always have special projects for the dissemination of Italian agricultural products: this year bring tasting dip for the occasion and we will set up panels of carrots for the space. Also put the lamps of various woods always linked to their products. ”
wall lamps design
Food and design, the binomial infallible, that through the idea, developed in collaboration between Vega’s Altremani Architect Alessandro Donati Moradei, merges into a single paradigm: a hundred variations of design “through ” the plant. Skin! Skin, the boundary of our self. body. The osmotic trench that marks the beginning and the end of identity. Sensory tissue and dynamic place “imaginary” and passage of cognitive and emotional experiences. Vegetable: that which pertains to the plant world. Silent and colorful life. Photosynthesis. Trying to draw a semantic thread is inevitable not to notice as skin-osmosis-plant photosynthesis lead to the same premise: light.
unique creative lamps
The lines hanging from the ceiling, retro, almost Jugendstijl, the selection of variations on the theme of the square shapes in the ’70s, the development of poetry from the lantern of triangular cuts, charming appeal the Middle East.
For category furnishings, interesting achievements of frames, floor booths, and accessories such as the centerpieces. Vegetable Skin born! The choice of an object in the collection opens up interesting scenarios, and for the customization of the house, and the realization of innovative interior design solutions for living, for temporary Inszenierungen, related to catering. There is for example, after exposure to 2011 Vintage Selection, preparation made ​​from Vegetable Skin for the event “Taste n.6, traveling with the taste” in the space of Ex-Stazione Leopolda, dedicated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
table lamps interior designs
The sensitivity of Vega for listening and teaching, the ability to test first hand the quality of results obtained in Altremani products, gained through experience and curiosity, the craftsmanship to detail, have been crucial to arrive at conclusion that there is no better way of “re-cycling, ” as social rehabilitation, that achieved thanks to the tenacity and creativity. Takes me stand out in the laboratory where the old paper and then presses the workshop shows me a bath, “See, this stretch of tufts of grass comes from the Trentino Alto Adige, is first class, was to serve as an SPA for the purpose of care and relax. ” Walking through the many trials and co-workers, busy selecting the raw material, we come to the area where new ideas are tested. I am fascinated by a basket of purple beetroots by the grain of wood. Vega was born on the endless search for combinations of plants, sections of vegetables and tubers, fruit slices, the careful observation of their color rendering and design, often already laid down by their internal structure. Then the procedures for collecting the material, always second best, for the shredder, the study of drying procedures to ensure quality and durability.Once you make your choice of fruit or vegetable, the protagonist, begins the delicate process of cutting and collage through the adhesive resin synthesis plant. The whole is then pressed to give rise to interesting paper of different thicknesses and colors, ready to use them.
lighting interior
The intuition of Vega and Alessandro is outlined on the delicate and refined in terms of testing the light design, which is influential in Italy earlier. The idea, apparently simple, Vegetable Skin design of the form associated with the use of innovative materials such as plant leaves. The development of the project can not ‘to open the two requirements of design and serial production is not, in the light-reflection-man space.
lighting photos
This can not ‘be the result of a project driven by passion and dedication.
Next stop Miami or New York? Alex Vega and we do not hide their enthusiasm to make known the real Made in Italy and abroad, hoping that one day you look in Italy Italian products with the same look of satisfaction, with which you look at ideas from other countries . Matrix dream, sustainability, marked by the stamp of a unique and special design live: Vegetable Skin.
lighting and furniture design
Florence, in the Atelier Altremani, sitting comfortably in a chair-office, covered with grass of Trentino, Vega plays retrace the steps of the genesis of the project. She explains that Altremani is a young company, based on paper and that is based on strong pillars of the concept of “recovery. ” On the one hand, understood as the production of handmade accessories, stationery and furniture, made ​​through the recycling of waste material of industrial and agricultural sector. The other in the most complex social recovery, as a place of re-skilling and re-integration of disadvantaged people by the hand mental and / or motor, in the working world, as with extreme delicacy would emphasize Barbara Grassi, sales manager.

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