Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Friday Favorite: Handblown glass doorknobs, lighting & vases by Tracy Glover

Providence-based Tracy Glover, is a designer of handblown glass lighting and decorative accessories. Her studio, founded in 1992, produces a variety of lighting, door- and drawer knobs, and vases. I found her collection at this year’s ICFF show in New York City.
Glover studied glass making techniques in Venice and trained formally at RISD. She blows all her own glass in her studio, where a crucible burns 24 hours a day with molten glass for shaping.

Let’s take a peek at her new designs.

Tracy Glover’s Prospect Hill door knobs come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. They take their cue from classic glass Victorian glass knobs. They sell in pairs for $260.00.

Her new wall sconces are new as well. I especially like the blue Susan, which retails for $550.

Tracy also makes handblown vases in a variety of sizes and shapes. Vases are my favorite gift to give. Her work is available via her online shop. She discounts to the trade and her things are sold in a variety of shops. To find out more, visit her site by following this link.

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