Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Low Voltage Lighting Designer Toronto and GTA

Meet Clint Gage. When you are looking for exclusive quality lighting products that you won't find in retail outlets-- Clint is the man to speak to. Landscape lighting is a specialty field that requires talent to orchistrate. Having Clint out for a consultation will quickly illustrate why having your landscape lighting/ low voltage lighting project designed professionally will mean less maintainence and a better effect for years to come.
Low Voltage landscape lighting designer

Clint runs a full service lighting design company that is able to work right alongside of your design team to create-forgive the pun-"Brilliant Results". Clint will specify and supply the products needed to accomplish your requirements and install them as well.
Clint can supply your commercial or residential requirements using LED,  Fiber Optics and range of 120 Volt and 12 Volt products. We offer a full range of outdoor lighting fixtures for gardens, decks, docks, pools and architectural lighting along with a full range of water features for both indoors and out.

landscape lighting pool 

landscape lighting patio garden
landscape lighting pool

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