Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Affordable Modern Lighting from Lights Up!

What's not to love about modern lighting? It's chic, it's colorful, it's...well, it's really expensive! Price point tends to be the biggest hang up when it comes to shopping for lighting. There has to be a happy medium between modern lighting from Target and a Jonathan Adler lamp, right? Good news! Lights Up! might be your modern lighting on a budget solution. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Lights Up! offers a huge variety of uber-chic home lighting options for you at a lower price point. What I love the most about these lights is that they are customizable! Choose your lamp shade, choose your base color! It's that easy! OK - I lied. The best part about these lamps is that a lot of them are priced under $200! That's a lot of style for very little money! Check out some of my favorite designs. Lights out until next time!

Devo Square Lamp
Devo Square Table Lamp - $80.00
Large Meridian Lamp
Large Meridian Table Lamp (in Black Mumm) - $150.00
Meridian Floor Lamp, Meridian Demi and Deco Pendant
Meridian Floor Lamp (top left) - $300.00
Demi Meridian Table or Floor Lamp (front left) - $200.00
Deco Pendant Light (top right) - $200.00
Deco Small Pendant
Deco Small Pendants (shown in White Linen) - $100.00 (each)
Weegee Floor Lamp
Weegee Floor Lamp (shown in Red Mumm) - $330.00
Mombo Lamp
Mombo Table Lamp (in White Linen) - $115.00
Oscar Boudoir and Oscar Table Lamp

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