Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Lighting For Foodies

In yesterday's post, I talked about water-inspired lighting so it's only fitting that today's post be about food-inspired lighting, right? Wendy, over on the JUST COOL DESIGN blog did a post yesterday about the "Cereal Lamp" by Wanderlust Designs. The light looks like a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal and you turn it on by touching the spoon! Currently seeking a manufacturer, you can visit the designer's MySpace page for more information.

Cereal Lamp
Also on JUST COOL DESIGN, an egg-carton lamp by Igor Pinigin. The "Egg Light" is essentially a carton of illuminated eggs! It's in the conceptual stage still but what a nifty looking lamp! These foodie lamps had me reminiscing about those ice cream cone lamps by Mixko that I posted about a while back. I got so inspired that I did a little search for some other illuminated culinary creations. Take a look at some of my favorites! Lights out until next time! - Via JUST COOL DESIGN
Egg Light
Lily.Mgx Lamp
Lily.Mgx Lamp by Janne Kyttanen - $500 - $1,200 (via CasaSugar) (This kind of reminded me of a Bloomin' Onion)
Chiquita Chandelier
Chiquita Chandelier by Anneke Jakobs (via Inhabitat)
Rsoe Carry-Out Lamp

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