Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Sunset Hourglass Lamp Mother of Pearl Inlay

31 1S43ESHL. SL500 AA300  Sunset Hourglass Lamp Mother of Pearl Inlay
White Hourglass Lamp Mother of Pearl Inlay
This beautiful lamp decoration measuring 35 inches x 13 inches in diameter. In the picture is shown the dominant color of the lamp with an elegant bright white color. Construction lamp holder decorated with natural pearl inlay silver, cream and brown add this beautiful table lamp decoration.
Mounted lights with powerful 150 watt 3-way socket. Ensured that bright light can illuminate the room as well. All lights are sold with the appropriate shades as seen in the photo. Mother of Pearl Construction on a fiberglass base.
You can install the lights in every room that you like. Your room will look elegant, luxurious and romantic. You can also put these lights in the living room so as to create a cozy and warm when the family gathered together at night.

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