Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

lighting the unique interior design of the wooden chair that light on a dark place

Ii is an interior design unique small bench placed in your room especially if placed in a darkened room, the interior can provide an ideal and beautiful lighting in your room. No need to use the lights, because the chair / stool is small and Uik is already in design with ideal lighting in the room with natural. “Not light as in weight or as in the tone of wood, this furniture is literally fell from the inside – the band of bright orange, purple, blue and white layered between slices of wood to create a look extraordinary”. Results style sits in between the high-end luxury contemporary craft and design. Designed to work as a small bench, bench, or coffee table, just imagine turning off the lights and let these things be the only source of illumination for the room – perfect for parties, though perhaps a little strange and colorful everyday except on saved to the terrace, outdoor garden or patio space that could use some extra lighting.The night light called Woods collection of Gruppo Avanzini employ lines of various types of wood with a resin filling between each layer. Most of the more uniform in color, darkness and seeds to give equal weight to both wooden and artificial elements. Better pack some extra batteries before you buy it, though – at least until there is an alternative to passive-filling-up light objects of furniture. The interior design is certainly very suitable for the design of your room, because who is not seduced by the work of highly imaginative interior design like this.

White unique interior of the wooden chair with the theme of lighting design idea image

Orange design unique interior of the wooden chair with the theme of lighting photo

Purple unique interior of the wooden chair with the theme of lighting picture

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