Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Funky Ghosty Lamp Design to Complete Your Comfortable Home

Ghosty wall lamp

Ghosty Lights was created with a uniqueness that can make you laugh at the sight. How not, this lamp has a cute and adorable designs such as Casper, a ghost character is very funny cartoon. Ghosty Corian is made of translucent, with 12mm in size, manufactured by DuPont, this support Inox steel so that the lamp is extremely durable. The resulting light shine. Ghosty Lights made in two versions, wall lamps and lamp stands. These lamps are low energy lamps, which can produce light up to 240W, using a maximum 45W. Size Height 60cm, Width 37cm, 13cm Deep. Colors available (mainly light pastel colors to spread joy and clear), Lavender that through the lights to change in the Mint Ice. Glacier Ice Light Pink that the lights change in color of iced strawberry and Lime Ice. You can feel the charm of ghosty lights.

Ghosty stand lamp

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