Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Incredible Light Collection by Artecnica

simply modern light

an interesting design from Artecnica would be amazing creations in your home. modern lamp design is inspired from the palace of King Louis XIV, this luxurious lamp brings an elegant modern atmosphere and boasts. The main form of a beehive like this, providing a valuable life in every crack of light. This unique light, have small cracks in every part of his body, so that the light just out of the gap this small boxes. lamp with a bright white light will make your home more bright rooms and pleasant. especially, at night, in addition to the lights illuminating, he was able to become an attractive decoration in your home. with his form this charming, not just you, your children will feel happy if you put it in their room. because it looks gorgeous, your children will feel happy and comfortable in their room.

homy lighting craft
white chic light

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