Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

The Concept of Contemporary Lighting in a Modern Space

style resin lamp shade

The creative designer from Propellor studio, choose a few new ideas on the concept of contemporary lighting. They are creative with EcoResin materials and bamboo. Company based in Vancouver, Canada, does have the power of high creativity. Toby Barratt, Pamela Goddard and Nik Rust who run the company, diligent creative to make the lights with a contemporary design that is not the market. Design of the most prominent is the chandelier made of bamboo. Bamboo formed into square boxes and hanging from the ceiling. LED light in it fluorescent through small cracks around the lampshade. While other works, such a series of resin sheet which is cut into pieces. Resin pieces are arranged in such a way as to produce a beautiful glow. This light could be an option for lighting in the living room, restaurant, or hotel lobby.

design modern ligting concept

interior contemporary modern lightelegant modern chandelier design

artistic chandelier concept light 

design unique lamp shade

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