Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Contemporary Vintage Lamps Made of Porcelain and Oak- by Daphna Isaacs

porcelain and oak lamps

Take a look at these contemporary lamps! Do you think that this lamp is very unique to see and so interesting to apply in your own home space? Yes, you can perfectly fit these oak lamps anywhere inside the house because maybe this is the stuff that you may need as the one of your decoration in your own space. As you can see on the following pictures below, you can see that these are the vintage lamps that already presents by Dahna Isaacs and Laurens Manders because by this newest collection, they offer you unique lamps in so many different sizes and colors that you can choose which one best from your own space. This is a different collection that you may never see before because the other collection just shows you the glamour and also the luxurious feeling inside. But these collections give you a simple thing to furnish by the simple design of course. But you can visit Daphna Isaacs site for further information.

unique lamps collection

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