Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

Contemporary is becoming one of the most popular styles when it comes to lighting for the bathroom.  It's because it offers unique lines, and crisp lighting that comes with it.  Most contemporary lighting has a chrome or polished look in the fixtures, and offers bright white lighting.  It is easy to decorate around the lighting because there often is no other color but a metal look.  Another good thing about contemporary lighting is that you can change the look of your bathroom many different times and it still will go together and won't get dated.
Contemporary lighting is usually wall sconces, they are fixtures that are put on the wall and give off a bright crisp light.  Lighting in a bathroom is critical especially around the mirror because that is where it is most important.  When a woman puts on make-up she needs the lighting to be bright but not overpowering, light has to be cast on her whole face, and there should be limited shadows.  Two wall sconces on each side of the mirror will be the best solution for this problem.  That way both sides of the face will get the same amount of light and it will cast the least amount of shadows. 
Other forms of contemporary lighting can also be used in the bathroom.  If you have an area where you can use hanging lights it is a good opportunity to use contemporary lighting there.  The best idea though is to match something that goes with the other lighting at least in the room, if not in the whole house.  That is becoming very popular as well, when someone matches all the lighting within the house.  It ties all the rooms together in some way, and it also shows that you took time in thinking about what would be best for the area.  Many times people will match just one hanging light in the bathroom with a hanging light in the kitchen.  Or they can match them all which is also nice.
Other contemporary pieces that you can put in your bathroom will also compliment the lighting that you have chose.  You can compliment the finish of the fixtures with the finish of the lighting, or anything else you want to do.  There are so many options that you will always find something that you like, and that you think will work in your home.

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