Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Modern Illuminated Armchair That Could Flash On and Off – Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom

unusual chairs collection

Take a look at these newest products! What a gorgeous collection right? Coming from Kiwi & Pom, now they present you their contemporary chairs that really interesting and also attractive to see of course. as you can see on the following pictures below, you can see that this is a perfect solution for you to decide if you feel bored with the unusual collection that you’ve already meet before. You can see that these modern armchairs are very modern with the electroluminescent wire inside this furniture anyway. You can imagine that you have a large neon rainbow that you can probably sit above or maybe just one of your perfect decorations in your own home space. One thing for sure, these colorful chairs become a lovely decoration in your own space because you can easily turn the flash on or maybe off depends on what your need. So what are you waiting for? If you think that you are interest with these funky chairs that already offers by this company, you can visit here for further information. [Kiwi & Pom]

contemporary chairs design

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