Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Creative Light Craft by Andrew Ooi

chic lighting collection

The darkness of night is in fact not the interesting thing for some people. most of them chose their torch lights as at night. to eliminate the strange feelings that often arise when the dark, many people who give the impression of light with a unique impression that interesting. they chose a lot of lights with a unique creation, with these unique creations, the house will be far from bleak impression of that horrible. home even though it looks much more fun in the dark. the dark phobia will get back their joy, if you bring style creations in this show by Andrew Ooi. he created a hanging lamp that is formed as a unique origami paper. origami is formed like a sunflower. with a beam of light coming out from the inside, the light will seem more real. with these unique creations, the lamp will give the impression funny and friendly in the interior of the house. if you are one of the phobias of the dark, you can make this light as one collection, which will make your home more enjoyable. in the dark though.

funny lamp design
unique light shape

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