Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Hanging Lamp Contemporary Futuristic by Pallucco

design contemporary lighting

Contemporary lighting designs in the offer by Pallucco for consumers that seek this truly amazing. Other designs of the other very light design makes lamp suspension is very unique. It looks very different indeed it has become attraction. Pallucco ability in designing the lights really do not hang this time in doubt again. The model is a very modern makes this chandelier looks so luxurious. Coupled with lampshade colors that are deliberately made with a blend of two high contrast colors that match. Like the red color with silver. Both these colors really very contrasting but can  look so harmonious. Expertise in combining color and also designed the lighting is a value that is contained within Pallucco as an interior designer furniture that can not compare. With this simple form which makes it very character chandelier.

unique chandeliers

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