Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

Recycling Sunday: Innovative message about recycling

Recycling is a buzzword everywhere. Everyone is trying to do something or the other for recycling but sometimes, so much of information in the same stereotyped manner can be quite tedious with people slowly beginning to care less for such information. An art group, Luzinteruptus, has understood this fact well and has thus tried to give the message of recycling in a very innovative, fun filled and colorful way. In the capital city of Warsaw, the art group took 1000 garbage bags in different colors, inflated them and hung them in the plaza to create an art exhibition of its own kind.
Colorful Garbage Bags

Colorful Garbage Bags
Colorful Garbage Bags by art group luzinterruptus
The message was loud and clear; Use the colorful bags as per the specifications about garbage disposal and keep in mind that they are not recyclable, so use them wisely. The exhibition was very well received by all age groups. Children as well as adults, were overwhelmed by the exhibition and asked the organizers many questions about recycling in an interactive, easy to understand and fun filled manner. The exhibition was named " Recycling Sunday".
For three days, the bags were hung in the air, attracting visitors and giving them useful information about recycling. The residents of Warsaw also showed their willingness to carry the message forward and educate more people about recycling and its importance. They tied the inflated bags on the back of their bicycles, stuffed them in their cars and even flaunted them everywhere they went. It is hoped that the enthusiasm about "recycling Sunday" will be taken forward by the residents of Warsaw and they will do their best for recycling the bags to help keeping the environment clean and green. Kudos to Luzinteruptus for their innovative idea.

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