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Kids' Night Light Alternatives

Kids' Night Light Alternatives

Growing up I used to have a little Mickey Mouse night light in the corner of my bedroom, and let me tell you, it performed its function! Not only did I used to have monsters & boogeymen in my closet and under my bed, there were also giant, terrifying alien spiders creeping out of the cracks on my ceiling, a dragon living in my toychest and an army of toys that came to life once the lights went out. If it wasn't for my Mickey Mouse night light, I probably wouldn't have survived my childhood.

While you can still find cutesy, cartoony night lights for your little princess or prince, why not upgrade to something more stylish? There are plenty more imaginative night lights that will keep your kids nightmares at bay. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Night-Time Pals collection from Lumisource will surely usher sweet dreams into your child's room. Made of translucent Kumo paper and supported by a metal frame, these little guys come in all sort of fun animal shapes, each one carefully painted with a cute little expression. Enjoy Pinky the Pig, Ernie The Elephant, Ferris the Frog or any of the 10 other Night-Time Pals. At less than $20 this is a fun and affordable night light alternative!
Ferris The FrogPinky The Pig
Every little child would love a pet! What about a Pet Lamp from Offi? This whimsical and creative series of kids' lamps from modern designer Offi is the perfect addition to any kids' room. Available in a variety of animal shapes and bright colors, the plastic lamps are even available in white, and include a set of washable markers allowing your child to decorate it his or herself. Fun! A little more expensive, these guys will run you about $60 each.
My Pet Lamp - DachshundMy Pet Lamp - Terri Bear

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