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Tord Boonjte Lighting - Modern Masterpieces

If you haven't been able to tell by now, I'm sort of obsessed with Dutch designer Tord Boontje. I posted about his series of beautiful Swarovski Blossom Chandeliers at the end of last month, and again last Thursday about his Ice Branch chandelier (also for Swarovski) that was featured on an episode of Bravo's Top Design. Every single one of his pieces looks like something straight out of a fairy tale!

In addition to his Ice Branch and Blossom Chandeliers, Boontje designed the exquisitely beautiful Garland Light, which is an elegant jumble of metal leaves, vines and flowers that wrap around a light bulb to form a unique sort of lamp shade. There's also Boontje's Midsummer Light, a paper lamp that resembles a delicate paper snowflake. Also made of paper is his Icarus Light, which is cut to look like the feathers on a swan's wing. Boontje describes his Shadow Light as a "magical carousel of color, light and dreamlike imagery," a very fitting description for this light which, when illuminated projects a calming, colorful scene onto the walls. Finally, Boontje's Come Rain Come Shine chandelier comes in two colors - a Gothic black, and a multi-colored version that looks very much like a fanciful piƱata.

These pieces are all so different and inspiring that it's really hard to pick a favorite. Check out this interview with the designer on from earlier this month. Lights out until next time! - Via Apartment Therapy / Photography from
Garland Light by Artecnica
Garland Light - $95

Midsummer Light by Artecnica

Midsummer Light by Artecnica - Detail
Midsummer Light - $95

Icarus Light by Artecnica
Icarus Light - $84

Shadow Light
Shadow Light - $359
Come Rain Come Shine Light by Artecnica - BlackCome Rain Come Shine Lamp by Artecnica - In Multi-Color

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