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We know that Spain falls on the more fortunate side of Mother Nature, but many of us have to wait for the days of summer to laze around outdoors. Here are some stunning designs that are sure to impress your part guests or simply provide ambient light for a quiet night outside.

Halley Lamp by Vibia


A shooting star? A comet? No, it’s the Halley Lamp by Vibia! We’re certainly charmed by this lighting system that has been inspired by the celebrated comet. Easy to assemble, portable and lightweight, Halley features a diffuser profile containing an energy efficient LED strip able to turn any dull setting into a magical environment.


Frame Lamp by Mario Ruiz for B.Lux

Box lighting is great way to achieve subtle ambient lighting. Designed by Mario Ruiz for B.Lux, the Frame is rectangular hollow prism with rounded angles with only one side of the interior affixed LED lights. Given a reflective finish the interior frame and the surrounding ground are bathed with light guaranteeing low energy consumption.



Oco by Santa & Cole

In time for the arrival of summer, Santa & Cole has launched Oco – its first outdoor light. Oco, which sticks into the ground, is ideal for gardens, porches and terraces.Oco has an LED light source, which means it’s both energy-efficient and lasts longer.


Po’Light by Punt Mobles

Nothing says summer like a parasol in the sun. But despite how it looks, this double-duty lamp is more than just a shade, the Po’Light by Spanish company Punt Mobles not only protects you from scorching rays, but takes all that energy into it’s central pole and transforms it into solar powered LED light for night. And if your one who can’t see an umbrella unaccompanied with a drink, the Po’Light also comes with a table to set glasses on.


Cornet and Cubiled by Alart Punt Verd

Manufacturer Alart Punt Verd has introduced two new ranges, both designed by Jordi Vilardell. Cornet is an aluminium bollard with simple, clean lines. It is very energy efficient, using eight 0,76 watt LED lamps. Cubiled features an aluminium cube that can be rotated to direct light where it is needed.




There’s no place more important to create comfortable and welcoming light that the inside of your home or even your office.

Lea by Bover, a shelf incorporating a light

We have a penchant for products that are able to do double duty without looking like complicated machines of the modern age. This sleek design by Alex Fern├índez for Barcelona based Bover is not only an energy-efficient light, but it is also functions as a containing shelf for everyday objects such as newspapers, letters and other material. Available in four sizes and three finishes (white, pearl grey and a blue green), you can’t go wrong with this addition.



Balbina LED Light by Modiss
A simple yet elegant fixture made from steel and glass, the Balbina from Modiss utilizes a 12 w LED light fitting. With a classic shape, we think it can be an excellent compliment to any interior context, modern or otherwise.


Citrus Lamp by Vibia

The Citrus is an incredible spherical design that will suit any large space looking for good lighting with high visual impact. Utilizing dimmable CFL bulbs, within a concave and slatted surface reminiscent of slices of a citrus fruit, the variation in light that can be achieved with this piece is nothing short of superb.




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