Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Shimmering Carpet Creates The Illusion of Light

Why buy a floor lamp, when your floor can be your lamp? Alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration but check out this innovative new flooring from Swedish design company, Bolon. More optical illusion than actual lighting, Bolon is certainly bringing something unique and different to the table...or should I say floor?

Bolon Twilight Vinyl Flooring
Having created woven vinyl flooring for more than 50 years, the company clearly knows what it's doing. Intended for use in public and commercial spaces like offices, retail outlets, museums and hotels - Bolon's brand of vinyl flooring is both durable and stylish.

According to the website, the top layer or weave is fused with the rear coating, which is made up of PVC as well as an integrated layer of non-woven glass fibre. With a new year comes the new Twilight collection, which possesses a slightly metallic/shimmery look. With a 5 year warranty, Twilight is fire resistant, slip resistant, sound absorbent and does not fray. Additionally, Bolon utilizes eco-friendly manufacturing processes and its flooring is recyclable!

Available in 12 different colors and patterns, Twilight's interwoven fibres play tricks on the eyes and give the illusion that it's being lit from underneath. Simply stunning! Now if only these were available for residential applications. As much as I detest wall-to-wall carpeting, I don't think I'd mind having my room covered in Twilight. - Via Yanko Design & Bolon

Bolon Twilight Vinyl FlooringBolon Twilight Vinyl FlooringBolon Twilight Vinyl FlooringBolon Twilight Vinyl FlooringBolon Twilight Vinyl Flooring

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