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New Modern Lighting From Foscarini

Back in December I did a blog post about my top 10 modern wall sconces. I tried to include sconces in all different price ranges, since I know that not everyone can afford a $1,100 Terzani wall sconce, as gorgeous as it might be. Among my top sconces was the colorful Bit Series from Italian designer Foscarini. Fun little amoeba-like lights that would be a perfect splash of color in any child's playroom.

Foscarini Bit Series
While perusing All Modern Lighting the other day, I saw the red Foscarini logo at the bottom of the page and decided to dig a little deeper. I was pleased to find a bunch of fabulous modern fixtures designed by Foscarini. From stunning chandeliers to understated floor and table lamps - Foscarini has it all! Price wise, it's definitely on the high-end side with prices ranging from about $240 all the way up to $7,450.

Foscarini Caboche PendantIn talking with my contact over at my sponsor site, CSN Lighting, I learned that Foscarini just introduced some new products to market. While some of the new additions are simply additional colors, there's one entirely new collection.

Foscarini Tropico CollectionFoscarini Tropico Collection - Detail The Tropico Collection (Above) is brand new and features an inner cylinder that illuminates the entire fixture in a ripple of bright colors. Available in different shapes and sizes, each piece within the Tropico Collection can be customized by purchasing an optional color filter that will add an additional color element to the fixture. The collection ranges in price from $1,700 to $2,100.
Foscarini Caboche

Caboche Pendant Light - Detail
The Caboche Collection was previously available in a transparent finish but now comes in a new yellow gold finish! Looking like droplets of golden amber, these fixtures shine brightly, creating cool reflections on the walls of your room. This new finish is available in floor lamps, pendants, wall lamps and table lamps and ranges in price from $550 to $2,100.
Foscarini Empire Floor Lamp
Foscarini Empire Floor Lamp - Detail
The Empire Collection, previously just available in a white and brown finish, now comes in a beautiful transparent gray. Simple and chic, this beautiful lamp will cost you about $1,500.

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