Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

Modern Architectural Lighting by Swarovski

Simply brilliant modern architectural lighting: these pieces are part of Swarovski’s latest collection. The ever-popular Swarovski knows well the magical effect created when light and crystal are combined. Rainbows are revealed – creating an inimitably exclusive aura. Eyris wall-mounted lamp and Eyris Mono pendant are oval shaped lamps, tapering to a point at each end, which lend a room the polished look of an exclusive hotel. Mosaicx is a surface-mounted rectangular mosaic of fine crystals, ideal for lighting corridors or bedrooms. Ringlet is aptly named… a ring of crystals casts a colorful play of light around this ceiling recessed luminaire. For rooms with a high ceiling, try the beautiful Turns luminaire, which stars a total of 20 prisms in a double spiral. Octa and Madison make use of a single, brilliantly cut crystal – particularly suitable for contemporary rooms. Contact the crystal experts – Swarovski – for more information on their newest modern architectural lighting.

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