Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Inspired by: French Garden Lighting

Who knew that putting well dressed french kids in magazine shots for outdoor light features would hook line and sink me?lumart lamps
There were many more photos in this holiday spread from french magazine Champagne Decoration but these few featured some great garden lights that really caught my eye.  And, as I tracked down the sources for some of these fixtures, I came across even more garden lighting treasures.
The Big Lantern (above) is by Lum’art, but when I checked out their site, I found an abundance of stylish and french chic garden lighting choices:
french garden lighting from lum'art
The other smaller lanterns from the first picture are from Pomax as are these charming (and, I think, easily made as a DIY project) twig lights.
pomax twig lights
And finally, my best discovery was the company Un Esprit Plus who not only sells this beautiful and interesting rusty metal candle garland (below), but they also have an impressive collection of cloches and light fixtures made from chicken wire, beautiful natural linen garden accessories,  rusty letters and lots of other great charming garden things and the cross candle holder below.  It is definitely worth a click through if for no other reason but for a healthy dose of classic french country style. (check out my favorites below).
candle garland for the garden garden candle garland
chicken wire garden cloche rusty metal garden letters
mesh metal garden domes
cross lighting

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