Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Handmade Paper Lanterns from the HiiH Gallery

HiiH Paper LanternsSpring fever has officially hit me. I love walking around Boston and seeing the little flowers poking their heads out of the dirt and the little green buds on all of the trees. The bitter cold has made way for milder temperatures and the Swan Boats are out in full force, floating around their home in the Public Garden.

In honor of spring I thought I'd share these really cool paper lanterns that I found while perusing Apartment Therapy this morning. They come to us from the Portland-based HiiH (pronounced "Hi Hi") Gallery and they are all handmade! Exquisite! Made from all natural materials, including beeswax and walnut dye, these gems are also inspired by nature - mostly marine and plant life.

HiiH Paper LanternsHiiH Paper LanternsThe collection includes both indoor and outdoor lighting, the latter you can even rent for special events. Custom pieces can also be commissioned. Visit the HiiH Gallery for specifications and rates. HiiH Paper Lanterns HiiH Paper Lanterns

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