Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Chinese Fire Lantern Garden Lights?

These lanterns seem totally and completely impractical and plain dangerous, however, in light of their beauty I am wondering if it might be possible to keep them attached to a string rather than letting them go like fireworks. Check out this video to see what I mean.
I have been researching around and found that others have asked the same question….and so far, while there are some improvements in the technology to make sure that there are no metal pieces to fall to the ground that livestock can ingest, there is still the issue of possible flaming pieces coming down on dry crops, houses or other flammables. They seem to be totally irresponsible in most situations. And you can’t tether them.
sky lanterns chinese fire lanterns

The technology is simple, it’s a mini hot air balloon. Hot air balloons are tethered all the time and they don’t have issues of lighting themselves on fire (most of the time). I think that instead of getting landscapers, photographers, and people who are throwing weddings and garden parties on the task of developing this kind of outside light in a safe way, we need to call the hot air balloon people. The right people for the right job. Right?
The disposable Chinese fire lanterns — that you are supposed to let go of at an unknown but potentially high environmental cost, have an actual upfront cost of a buck fifty.

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